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Welcome to our drag slot track page, and hopefully at some point, our track.  We are located in Newport, TN on the property of English Mountain Dragway.  


Our mission here is to "Have Fun".  Slot car drag racing is an exciting way to drag race for people of all sexes and ages.  It is very similar to standard drag racing in the aspect of having your car set up just right to be as consistent as it can be in an 1/8 of a mile ( 1/4 scale).  Our track is made of corian material.  There is 16.9 volts of power going to each lane. Parts selection for these cars is insanely large (Parma, WRP, Difalco).




We have since added even more parts to our current inventory.  Possibly the largest parts selection in the area.

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Hard body door car record set by Dale Greene .479 seconds at 53.60 MHP

Track Record set by Marty Meltabarger .312 seconds at 93.14 MPH


The track is located 1325 Lewis Rd, Newport TN, 37821.  This is also the location of English Mountain Dragway.  The Slot Car Track is located in the large white building at the upper left side of the track.


Not sure if Slot Car Racing is for you?????  We will have cars for you to try out.  If you like what we have to offer, you can purchase all items thru the Slot Car Track.


Thank you and we will keep you up to date on the excitement!!!


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